C++/WinRT Available on GitHub

I’m happy to announce that C++/WinRT is now available on GitHub. C++/WinRT is the future of the Modern project and the first public preview coming officially from Microsoft.


What’s new

Since the first public preview a little over a year ago we’ve made a big investment in the C++/WinRT base library. This update also targets build 14393 of the Windows SDK, providing access to all of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607) features.
Significant improvements have been made to virtually all parts of the base library including the metaprogramming facilities, string and error handling. We’ve also added support for various missing features include arrays, collections, and weak references. Delegates are now more efficient and it’s possible to implement any WinRT interface within the projection. This update also includes our complete async programming model based on coroutines.

What’s next

We’re now switching gears to focus on Xaml and component support among other things. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

For more information, please watch our CppCon talks on YouTube:

Embracing Standard C++ for the Windows Runtime (Slides)

Putting Coroutines to Work with the Windows Runtime (Slides)


I would like to thank the team responsible for C++/WinRT over the last year: Josue Noriega de la Vega, Kevin Welton, Brent Rector, Jerry Dunietz, Peter Torr and Ben Kuhn. I would also like to thank the Visual C++ team for their help in making this possible. It could not have happened without the help of folks like James McNellis, Gor Nishanov, Vinny Romano, Victor Tong, Jim Radigan, Cody Miller, Harry Pierson, and many others.

6 thoughts on “C++/WinRT Available on GitHub

    1. dbjsystems

      I assume if “switching gears” exists as a term then somebody must be “at the helm”.

      Why XAML? Who is making this kind of decisions?

      Many thanks for a coming reply.

  1. Lee McPherson

    I still consider myself a C++ beginner even though I’ve managed to make a few apps using C++ for DirectX and Media Foundation applications. Now I’m trying to wrap my head around how this would help me in those cases. I’m really liking the co_await keyword and looking forward to trying all of this out. You might make me switch from C# to C++ for general stuff.

  2. Eberhard Schefold

    I’m astounded that this doesn’t make any more waves … I’m not done evaluating the new projection yet, but it seems extremely promising! Especially in connection with the new async proposals for C++, this might be /just/ the way for programming WinRT, with the right amount of comfort and abstraction and clarity, /and/ all the “to the metal” clear straightforwardness of C++.

    Awesome job, guys!

    Out of curiosity: “Xaml and component support” — sounds interesting but I can’t say I have an idea what you have in mind … care to share? Thanks!

  3. tom hering

    and thank you for your very appreciated effort. I simply love c++ and have ever been Windows enthusiast. today I can eventually fuse the 2 together :). your projection seems very promising to me and I can’t wait for the xaml support. as it now seems, my diploma thesis will be based right on your astonishing work.
    thank you!

  4. bob

    Hello, Kenny. I tried the WinRT API and become a great fan of your work. I have two questions: where can I download Modern C++ compiler? And how do I setup a bare minimum Modern UWP app in visual studio?


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