4 thoughts on “CppCon Slides

  1. Claudio

    Hi Kenny, great work! I played a bit with your previous releases, but the OS got updated and the libraries didn’t. So I’m anxiously waiting for the official release of your library …. again :-). So can you share an idea on the time frame for it to be available?

  2. Cédric

    Hi. First of all: congratulation you did an amazing job with moderncpp! I’d like to develop Universal Windows App with your lib but as Claudio said on github the librairies are outdated. As, now, you are part of the Microsoft team do you plan to deliver the code generator in the next release of Visual Studio? I hope that your project will be officialy supported by Microsoft as a part of the C++ developper eco-system on Windows. You bring the C# productivity to C++ performance oriented world thanks a lot!


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