Microsoft + Modern

As I mentioned in October, I have joined Microsoft and specifically the Windows team to work on the future of standard C++ for Windows. What does this mean for the Modern project? Modern C++ for the Windows Runtime is now owned by Microsoft. That means I wonโ€™t be releasing any further updates here or on GitHub. Instead, you should expect a future version to arrive directly from Microsoft. The good news is that I am finally free to work on Modern in a fulltime capacity so I will be able to deliver a production quality language projection far more rapidly than I could have on my own. I also have the help of an incredible team of people here at Microsoft, which means that Modern will be so much better than I could have imagined!

20 thoughts on “Microsoft + Modern

  1. James Pack

    Nice! Congratulations Kenny! Although I have always wondered why you were not already a part of the Windows team. Does this mean no more outstanding Pluralsight videos?

  2. anthony

    Kenny, very good news, i am happy for you! So, this effort for Modern C++, now that Microsoft participates in, will have a result for us to see in the coming (hopefully) months ?

  3. Mike Sage

    I’m really looking forward to Modern and being able to use it to create controls. One of the things that’s sorely missing is a good data grid control for Windows 10 like the WPF DataGrid but with x:Bind support. I’m hoping to create one that is at least supports read only grids (no GUI edits to the cells allowed). While I wait for Modern, I see that you have Pluralsight training for the Windows Runtime Internals. Does the component section cover the something like creating a control with XAML support, or is it more akin to the Hen examples you have made for Modern and MSDN Magazine?

    1. Kenny Kerr Post author

      I don’t cover XAML and composable types in those courses (required for that sort of component development). I hope to have a course on that in the future, but I’ll probably use Modern as the basis for such a course otherwise it would be far too much pain and suffering.

  4. Andy

    Maybe then finally a COM API becomes a usable or C++ programmers? It’s to be cool if ‘modern C++’ will suitable for type-librarys.

  5. petke

    I have high hopes for this. I think most C++ programmers will never accept a non standard extension like C++/CX. But a C++ wrapper library like moderncpp. We will be all over that once its officially supported by MS. Good luck.

  6. Rohinton Collins

    This is awesome news Kenny and really reinvigorates Windows/C++ development. Can I use C++/WinRT to develop a Windows Credential Provider implementing ICredentialProvider and ICredentialProviderCredential2?


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